Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Re-Writing and other news...

Okay, so I finally open my Bizarre source code. Now usually the first thing you think is "Awesome, can't wait to get back to this!". The first thing I thought was "yuck". The code is a mess. I thought Pascal was an elegant language :P Anyway, I'm going to rewrite Bizarre (I didn't get very far so don't worry) to make the source code more readable. But that's not the only reason I'm recoding it. I'm going to set it up so that there is no shell (yet at least :P). You'll run a script such as "hello, world.bzr" through the interpreter. Without a shell you can't look up a tutorial, start typing, and get instant feedback but it will make it more convenient to code as well as use when you're making a program.

As for the other news goes I'm also changing the official mascot (did we even have one?). I still have no idea what it will be but this will mean a change in icon (I'll make sure everyone agrees to it! (isn't there only one potential user right now!?)).

If you have suggestions about a mascot (you would never realize how important those are!) please let me know!


  1. Yes, i've had that experience with opening some old code and being like "what was i thinking when i did this??"