Monday, May 7, 2012

New icon... Wooohoooo!

Yeah, I worked hard on this and finally came up with a satisfactory icon. I'll upload a screenshot :)
Tell me if you like it!

For other news the site is being re-styled, expect it to be updated in about a week...


  1. Um... that looks kind of like a black pig. o_O

    1. I take it you don't like it :b It's actually a sloth face... The official mascot is a sloth, it actually was always a sloth, just the claw before. Imo this looks better :b You can look at a sloth here

    2. Well, i did like the claw better. :P
      Maybe you should get someone with better drawing skills to do it, no offense to your own.

    3. Would you like to make one? Tbh I like this one way better than the other icon and so do most of the other potential users...

    4. Lol, no thanks. I can't draw at all. :P